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Metallic Epoxy

Metallic Epoxy flooring is currently one of the hottest trends in decorative concrete floors.Metallic Epoxy Bathroom

Western States Sealcoating’s Metallic Epoxy flooring system is an exciting new seamless flooring system that provides a unique three-dimensional appearance. Each Metallic Epoxy BedroomMetallic Epoxy floor contains suspended reflective metallic pigments from any combination of color schemes.

With its numerous options, Metallic Epoxy can create floors that range from elegantly stylish to quite bazaar. The exceptionally durable Metallic Epoxy flooring systems make it ideally suited for nearly any commercial or residential setting.Metallic Epoxy Restaurant

The outstanding customization properties make our Metallic Epoxy flooring system especially appealing for bars, clubs, retail stores, automotive showrooms, residential interiors, garage floors, or anywhere that a one-of-a-kind, exceptionally resilient floor is desired.


Metallic Epoxy RiversThese epoxy floor coatings create a deep rich glossy floor that can contain a variety of colors and visual effects that are completely dependent upon the skilled artisan applying it. Some even have a beautiful three-dimensional appearance that give the illusion of swirling rivers of metallic liquid. Maintenance is easy, and the amount of light they reflect is outstanding due to the high-glossy nature of the surface.