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Western States Seal Coating has been resurfacing ugly concrete in the Spokane and Coeur d’Alene area since 1989.  We resurface driveways, patios, steps, pool decks, garages, commercial and industrial floors etc….  We use the latest technologies in applying epoxies and polyaspartics to provide the most durable and beautiful concrete coatings on the market!

Our epoxy and stone system is our most popular product with home owners whose driveway, patio or steps have become ugly over the years.  Most of our installations take only two to three days to complete and followed by a 24 hour curing period before they can be driven on.  No matter how bad the surface of your concrete is, we can make it better than new.  For garage floors, basements, commercial and industrial concrete floors, we can install or color chip or mica chip systems. We use polyaspartic resin for extreme abrasion resistance and quick installation. Using this system, most installations can be done in one day and walked upon in 2 hours.  This system saves money and limits down time during the installation.

All of our work is guaranteed.  All of our resurfacing systems are easily maintained or repaired and can be recoated if necessary to make look new again.

We can provide quartz sand systems for high build abrasion resistance.  For a new and unique look, we provide metallic pigment systems. These concrete coating systems add durability along with an amazing artistic flare much like an abstract painting.  We provide free estimates within a hundred mile radius but will travel as far as needed to provide you with an amazing concrete overlay that will last for years!  We invite you to look through our web site for details on each of our recoating and resurfacing systems and before and after pictures.